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Welcome to Fabulous Flowers tv

The Fabulous Flowers tv ethos: 

Started in 2019 as a lockdown venture, tv producer Lucy Nolan and celebrity Florist Paul Hawkins embarked on an uplifting and florally factual series of podcasts to bring some joy into the listening ears of anyone who fancied something a little lighthearted and warm. 


Fabulous Flowers tv now boats over 30 podcasts ranging on all kinds of flowery and factually interesting subjects.  And there is also a Fabulous Flowers tv channel, which will bring floral knowhow and technical knowledge of flowers into your life.  With tricks of the trade and easy step by step tips on "how to do'" at home including bouquets, uplifting beautiful displays and vases full of delightful blooms. 


Let this world of flowers, fun and factual entertainment bring you some fabulous flowery knowledge as well as allowing you to switch off, sit back and relax.  








Creator of Fabulous Flowers tv:   Lucy Nolan 


I created and wrote this idea for FABULOUS FLOWERS originally as a television series inspired by my close friend the incredibly talented Floral Designer Paul Hawkins. 


With my dear friend Paulie Hawkins as my inspiration, and coupled with the fact he is a brilliant florist and floral decorator,  I believe that flowers are there to be shared and enjoyed and flowers are definitely a genre as yet unexplored and under exposed.  


The purpose of our podcasts and the vibrant on trend tv channel, is to uncover floral secrets, watch and learn from Paulie's and other talented florists vast expertise and experience on the do’s and don’ts with flowers and just find a way to bring a little bit of flower magic into everyone's hearts and homes. 


Flowers are everywhere and everyone can enjoy them and with Fabulous Flowers tv taking the lead and explaining in easy to understand, bitesize chunks, how to use them and make them look sensational, we can all benefit from nature's celebration of texture and colour. 

Fabulous Flowers tv is dedicated to all things flowery and floral and we believe it's fun to be fabulous with flowers!

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